RubberGem Products

ComfortGrip Rubber

RUBBERGEM’s ComfortGrip offers livestock owners a quality, durable and Eco-friendly anti-slip flooring solution to improve livestock comfort, safety and overall wellbeing. Using our unique ZigZag and straight line grooved pattern to ensure excellent traction in all directions providing sure footing and stability  regardless of the application.

The benefits of using RUBBERGEM’s ComfortGrip flooring in your Dairy or Equine space include but not limited too:

  • 16 Years of proven effectiveness both Nationally and Internationally
  • 10-year warranty (conditions apply)
  • Excellent comfort and traction
  • Improved performance, confidence and fertility rates
  • Maximum durability easily withstanding the weight and impact of tractors, scrapers and skid steers
  • Unique integral Steel cable system and ZigZag pattern
  • Will not stretch or warp over time
  • Noise reduction
  • Eco-friendly – 100% recycled rubber
  • Various Widths
  • Long continuous lengths up to 150m
  • Easy and Efficient cleaning

100% recycled quality rubber for
minimal environmental impact

RUBBERGEM’s ComfortGrip is manufactured from 100% recycled WA mining conveyor belting. By Recycling into various durable rubber products, we ensure the rubber doesn’t end up in land fill and negatively impacting our environment.

Only premium rubber brands are used in all
RubberGem products including Fenner
Dunlop, Goodyear and Bridgestone.

Competitive pricing and backed by our 10-year warranty